Galileo FX Review and Tutorial 2021

Galileo FX is an awesome application. There are many reasons why we say this, but mostly because it is very easy to use while being 100% automated, which makes it a great choice of trading robot for every day-to-day and part-time Forex traders. 

At Galileo FX, we took into consideration different types of markets and Forex traders and put more focus on money management and support, so it is not a blind platform, but rather an intentional and well thought out platform for forex traders. 

As with most Forex traders, the greatest challenge that comes with keeping tabs on the market is various price fluctuations. This has many traders frustrated and spending too much time in front of their screens and this problem is what Galileo FX takes care of adequately and why it is the best option when it comes to aiding with forex trading. 

Galileo FX basically takes care of that challenge by detecting price ranges for bullish and bearish signals and does the hard work of knowing when to take action in the market for you; bye bye to frustration. 

Here’s why you should use Galileo FX:

What is Galileo FX?

Galileo FX is a new self-operating software that performs trading activities in real-time. This software executes your trades according to a set of pre-programmed instructions based on series of consecutive bullish and bearish signals taken into account with the user being in total control.

The user has all the permissions to instruct the software on how many signals it can take into account before taking any action to buy or sell. There is also an option for users to set Stop Loss and Trailing Step to further cut down on risk exposure.

One essential and great thing about Galileo FX is that its algorithm is highly advanced as it averages about 96.46% accuracy in trades for all market conditions with a very low execution time. This software is great for traders who don’t want to sit in front of their computers all day monitoring the market and even for experienced traders because of the high volumes of data available in the market at any point in time.

Our software is compatible with all brokers and also has free updates as an embedded feature. The trading strategy of this software has been tested across 12 different brokers, with different settings to further prove its dominance as the no. 1 automated trading software.

Requirements for Galileo FX

The trading software runs perfectly on the following platforms:

  1. MetaTrader 4 
  2. MetaTrader 5
  3. A Windows PC – OS of Vista and higher
  4. A MacBook – Intel Core i3 and higher

Features of Galileo FX

We put in an adequate thought process in the development of Galileo FX. All software issues that automated trading software tends to bring up were adequately taken care of. Here, we would be listing a few features which make Galileo FX a great tool for users – beginners and experts.

  1. Automatic Trades – Galileo FX suits your case perfectly if you’re a beginner. Most of the mistakes beginners make in the market are wrong entry and exit of trades. The software takes care of that as it automatically watches for perfect trading conditions before placing a buy/sell order.
  2. Constant Survey of Forex Markets 24/7 – As explained above, the software scans the market looking for perfect trade conditions. Let’s be factual a bit; timing is of the essence in Forex trading. If you are an experienced trader, this suits you as you are notified of favorable market conditions which you can then instruct the software to take action or you can enter the trade by yourself.
  3. Easy Installation – Our software deals with all technicalities that arise from the installation of new applications. We made it very easy to install and also attached some installation guides and videos for better understanding.
  4. Optimized Default Mode To Make Settings Easy – Also attached with versions of Galileo FX is our default mode setting which has been tested by different brokers to make it easy for beginners to use.
  5. Demo & Live Accounts – As with most tools, Galileo FX allows you to try different trading scenarios in a Demo account before you decide to switch to a live account. 
  6. Auto Stop Loss & Take Profit – Our software ensures you maximize profits and minimize losses. This is why the automatic stop loss and take profit features are pre-installed to give a successful trading career.
  7. Easy to Understand Theory – Galileo FX is easy to understand as there are guides that come with it and also a 24/7 support system in case of any problems.

Versions of Galileo FX

Galileo FX comes in 3 different versions that best suit different kinds of customers’ needs. They include: 

  1. Personal: This is equipped with a maximum profit of $1000/month. It is usually a single payment type of subscription. 
  2. Plus: Equipped with a $5000 per month maximum profit earnings. Subscription type is also a single payment mode. 
  3. Pro: A pro version of the software does not have a maximum profit capitalization. You can earn as much as you want per month while trading multiple currency pairs. All versions offer one-time payments and no hidden charges involved.

We also offer a 20% off offer to anyone who signs up for our newsletter.

How to Install Galileo FX

A proper installation guide to Galileo FX can be found here. The setup is quite straightforward and easy to understand, and guess what? It’s super fast! Just ensure you follow the instructions in the video and you should not have a problem running Galileo FX on your machine.

Installing on MetaTrader 4 & 5

Installing Galileo FX on MT4 is easy and also very straightforward. Instructions for installations can be found here.

Our Settings for Galileo FX


Default Settings Include


Consecutive Bullish/Bearish signals: 8

Take Profit: 100

Stop Loss: 85

Timeframe: H1

Now, let’s take a look at this setting.

Timeframe: Galileo FX listens to user instructions in this setting. Timeframes can include M1, M5, M15 for more frequent trades and H1, H2, H4, H6 for consistent trades.

Consecutive Bullish/Bearish Signals: This is the most important feature Galileo FX boasts of. It passes instructions to the software on when to buy and sell. Different methods are also involved in this setting. When set low which is about (1 – 3 ), the software will go for higher risk trades which equally promise higher rewards, also there is a medium risk setting which ranges from (3 – 6 ), but when set high (7 – 10 ), the software would opt for fewer trades with lesser risks.

With each purchase of Galileo FX, there comes pre-installed 60+ optimized settings. This is a great feature as it makes our software easier to use. These settings are easily understandable and even a newbie to Forex would find Galileo FX an easy tool to use.

Trading Results with Galileo FX

Galileo FX MyFxBook Results

Here is our MyFxBook result.


Customer Service

We at Galileo FX boast of a strong support system that is 100% available to respond to all your issues and complaints within minutes. The available option is via email and you can trust your issues to be taken care of.


Users of Galileo FX are open to a wide range of opportunities in the market to trade with very low risk and a high rate of success. It works perfectly for you irrespective of your level of experience in forex trading, either as a full-time trader or a part-time trader.

Galileo FX suits you at all levels of Forex trading while it also guarantees you a passive income even if you don’t sit in front of your computer all day.

Galileo FX Review: What Makes it the Best Forex Trading Bot?

Forex trading or FX is a volatile, high potential market. The return on investment is amazing if you know your game. As the currency value changes by the minute, a close watch is a must. Experienced and seasoned traders can do it easily but if we plan on trying our luck, it can be tricky.

There are many automated Forex trading software available in the market. Galileo FX is one of the top ones. It analyzes the real-time market to make profits by limiting losses, through automated trade.

What are the Unique features of Galileo FX?

Galileo FX is a cutting-edge trading software that offers scalability in trading options, without any requirement of prior experience or knowledge. Novices like you and I can easily use it to trade without doing the analysis or formulating the strategy for it.

The distinctive features that set Galileo FX apart from others are:

  • Up to 96.4% accuracy in all markets analysis.
  • Fully automated, easy to use.
  • Compatible with all brokers.
  • Easy to install and you can start using it instantly.
  • The results are verified.
  • Legal and compliant.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • One-time purchase with free future updates.
  • The trading strategy is based on consecutive Bullish and Bearish signals.
  • It offers 60 plus optimized settings.
  • There is no minimum investment marker.

It is rate as the “World’s Best Rated Automated Trading Software”, on TrustPilot with more ten 500 reviews.

It is an Excellent Software for Trade Analysis and Market Investment:

Forex Trading needs analysis of chunks of data that change by the minute. Galileo FX lets you start your trading career without any prior knowledge by:

  • Price range detection for profitable buying and selling.
  • Securing your investment through features like Auto stop loss and take profit.
  • Enabling you to use it with other bots for a better understanding and profit.

An experienced trader can easily understand and judge the changing market trends. However, for inexperienced first-timers, automated software is a lifesaver. Galileo FX is a platform that not only predicts the market for you through artificial models but also educates you about the trade and trends. 

Getting 100% accuracy is impossible in such cases, but the 96.46% precision that Galileo FX brings to your business is near to perfection. 

The software has features like setting up Stop Loss and the Trailing Step, which makes buying and selling easier and automated. You can also open and close trades manually, using Galileo FX’s algorithms. The technique has been tested and approved on 12 different brokers under different circumstances.

Three Different Versions Make Trade More Flexible:

Galileo FX is available in three versions; Galileo FX Personal, Galileo FX Plus, and Galileo FX Pro. These versions are differentiated by their speed, accuracy, profitability. Choose the version depending on your usage and experience.

  • The Galileo FX personal has a limitation of 1000USD in profits per month. It has 1-2 currency pairs and is perfect for you if you trade once or twice a week.
  • Galileo FX Plus is best for traders that trade around 3 hours daily. With 4 currency pairs, it is limited to 5000 USD per month.
  • If you want unlimited monthly profits, up to 20 currency pairs, and 24/7 usage, then Galileo FX Pro is best for you.

My personal preference is the Pro version, as the accuracy and profit rate are higher, plus you don’t have to monitor it all the time. The personal version is for starters. If you want to try your hand at the trade without spending much money, then you can use the personal version. But I would advise you to upgrade after using it for a while.

It is Easy to Install and Use:

Galileo FX uses the plug-and-play strategy. You just have to install it and start using it.

It is a one-time purchase software. You don’t have to pay any monthly or yearly fees. Use it all year round after buying it! And any future updates are free.

Installation Requirements for Galileo FX:

  • Windows Pc, Laptop or VPS
  • MetaTrader 4 or 5

Installation of Galileo FX on MT4

  1. Open MetaTrader 4
  2. Click File and then Open Data Folder
  3. Now open the MQL4 folder.
  4. Open Experts folder inside MQL4 folder.
  5. Insert Galileo FX EA file (ex4) into MQL4/Experts folder.
  6. Restart your MetaTrader 4
  7. Drag and drop Galileo FX from the left into a chart like shown here.

How to Install Galileo FX on MT5

  1. Open MetaTrader 5
  2. Click File to open Data Folder
  3. Open the MQL5 folder.
  4. Open Experts folder inside MQL5 folder.
  5. Insert Galileo FX EA file (ex5) into MQL5/Experts folder.
  6. Restart your MetaTrader 5
  7. Drag and drop Galileo FX from the left side into a chart as explained here.

To understand better you can see the complete process here.

How Galileo FX guides you in Forex trading:

Forex trading is a risky and volatile market. You need to be at the top of the game to earn profits. The risky part is that you can easily lose large sums the same way you can win large sums. The key is to keep a hawk eye on the market and analyze data that keeps on changing every second.

In forex trading, every second counts. Doing all of this with minimum trading experience is a scary thought. Automation is the only solution to it. Galileo FX does all the heavy lifting for you. It automatically analyzes loads of data as per your preferences and guides you as to when to buy and when to sell.

This software fills the void between the market and your ability to handle it, by educating you in this trade. It grows your knowledge base by grooming you to step by step to become an expert in the trade. Galileo FX introduces you to new markets and automates your responses to win maximum results for you.

My Two Cents:

Amongst all the trading robots out there in the market, Galileo FX is the most accurate, easiest to use, and scalable. It formulates a winning strategy for your trade taking your experience into account. 

A large number of traders use this software to invest in risky, volatile, yet amazingly profitable markets. Forex trade was never easier than with Galileo FX. It trades for you even when you are asleep.

Galileo FX Review

Forex has become the largest market for banks, brokers, financial institutions with trillions of dollars being traded every day, and with such a large volume of trade it is critical to understand the market to have a trading strategy and be able to effectively execute a trade.

While you can get to make trading decisions on your own, there are also automated trading bots that can help you to analyze the market to make trading decisions. One such automated trading software is Galileo FX and here’s an in-depth review of the trading software.

So, what is Galileo FX?

Galileo FX is a 100% legal automated trading software that analyzes market data in real-time and automatically opens and closes trades to maximize profits and minimize losses. With a strategy that has been tested on 12 different brokers and up to 96% accuracy in all market conditions, Galileo FX while being fully automated stills allows you control of your trade because you can manually close and open trades using Galileo FX’s algorithm.

Galileo FX requires no customization with optimized default settings and guaranteed security on your trading funds with your funds in your broker’s bank account, only accessible to you.

How to install Galileo FX

Let’s go through a brief explanation on how to get the software installed on your system;

Before trying to get started on the installation, you require a VPS (optional), computer or laptop, an operating system of Windows 7,8,10 to download the Galileo FX zip file but you can control your bot from your Android or IOS device. While the software is compatible with all brokers, you need MetaTrader 5 on Mac or Windows.

The zip file contains;

·         An installation guide

·         License key

·         Galileo FX file for MetaTrader 4

·         Galileo FX file for MetaTrader 5

Installation is a pretty simple and straightforward process and should not take up too much of your time through the whole process

For MT4;

1.       Open MetaTrader 4

2.       Open the Data folder in the file

3.       Open the MQL4 folder

4.       Insert the Galileo FX EA file into the MQL4 folder

5.       Restart your MetaTrader 4

For MT5;

1.       Open MetaTrader 5

2.       Open the Data folder in the file

3.       Open the MQL5 folder

4.       Insert the Galileo FX EA file into the MQL5 folder

5.       Restart your MetaTrader 5

There are different versions of Galileo FX that you can purchase, each with its different prices and characteristics. Let’s run through the different versions and my recommendation on each of them to help you make your choice based on your specific use;

Personal: This particular version is useful if you only want to trade with 1 or 2 currency pairs at the same time, once or twice a week, and has a limit of $1000 on your ROI for every month.

Plus: If you decide to spend more time trading and want to use as many as 3 or 4 currency pairs in trades, then this version of the Galileo FX will be better suited for you.

Pro: For 24 hours a day, 7 days a week trader, this version is the best for you as you can trade with multiple currency pairs and a great ROI monthly without limitation.

Remember, the choice of the version you want to buy depends on you and what you intend to use the software to achieve. For example, if do not have time to constantly monitor your trades, you should go for the Pro version of the Galileo FX version because it doesn’t need you to be available all the time to monitor it and it is still very profitable. The Pro version surely trumps the other versions in terms of accuracy but is more expensive than the other versions.

If you want to constantly monitor your trades but just need the software as a helping checker to close trades then the personal version is just appropriate for you to purchase and make use of.

Why should you purchase Galileo FX?

Galileo FX is one of the most profitable trading apps with the number of users growing daily and with over 8 years of experience coding Forex Bots and over 60 ready-to-trade presets, the benefits of trading with the software are quite limitless.

Great Customer Service

Especially for beginners, you need a helping hand for navigation and Galileo FX has fabulous customer service support that is always available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and has a quick response time.

Safe and Secure trading software

The possibility and threat of losing funds and data are hugely real sadly enough but with Galileo FX, there is a guarantee of a safe and secure trading platform with their website making use of the latest SSL/TLS encryption. Transactions can safely be made using various modes of payment including Bank transfer, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Visa Card, MasterCard, PayPal.

Quick and Easy Installation

You do not have to be a computer expert to be able to successfully install the Galileo FX software. It takes so little of your time (5 minutes) to get it up and running.

Galileo FX has steadily improved since 2020 when its operation came onboard and is open to both experienced traders and traders who have no experience with built-in money management and auto stop loss making it different from other trading platforms.

Contact Details

·         WEBSITE:

·         Email address:

Galileo FX Review Conclusion

I certainly did find the Galileo FX very profitable with the software clearing my doubts and worries about using automated trading bots. It wasn’t my first trial with trading bots but after studying the algorithm utilized, the ROI, and the number of presets available I was well convinced.

A lot of positive reviews on Trustpilot certainly raised my trust and of course the fact that there were no extra fees inclusive and I could enjoy upgrades at no additional cost sealed the deal (no one certainly loves having to pay extra costs).

I certainly recommend the Galileo FX to anyone including beginners and expert traders.

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